It is important to understand the balance of the entire jawline when you consider a chin augmentation. The chin has to ‘blend’ into the jawline, which can require the coincident augmentation of the ‘back of the jawline (ramus of the jaw). It is necessary to understand that the jaw is composed of 3 zones or anatomic areas – the angle of the jaw, the midbody of the jaw and the chin. This can be achieved by either a chin implant or a sliding genioplasty, the type of procedure and options will be discussed with each patient and the options given for the best result depending on each patient’s need.

What about the neck?

The area ‘under the chin’ can be adjusted with liposculpture techniques to achieve a trim look to the neckline; at the same time as the chin is augmented. This is common at many ages and is evaluated during the consultation. If the tissue is quite lax in the mature patient, the soft tissue can be adjusted to achieve the most idealized cosmetic result. If needed a procedure under the chin called a platysmaplasty, can be used to tighten the muscles and flatten this area so one gets rid of the double chin and sagging skin look, or improve the angle of the chin to neck angle.